It's how we like to do things. A Brand that stands the test of time. A brand free from gimmicks. And a brand that is truly unique.

What is the Brand Identity in a box?

Every new brand, whether it's a small business or new social presence needs a Visual Brand Identity. A personality to help it stand out from the crowd. But also offer value for your time and investment as you build your business. The Brand in a Box offers all of this. We offer, not an off-the-shelf solution that feels generic, but something completely personal and unique to your brand.

The Packages

£1400 (Plus VAT)

A beautifully crafted and unique logo, tailored specifically to you and your brand. Includes social media avatars and versions for both digital and all forms of print. Plus an engaging colour palette that compliments and brings your brand to life.
£1700 (Plus VAT)

The logo package plus a flat animated version and a 3D rotating version of your logo that brings an extra dimension to your brand. A perfect starter package for social media influencers.
£2700 (Plus VAT)

The full Brand in a Box. This includes everything from both Logo Packages, plus a bespoke typography system specifically chosen to reflect your brand values. And a detailed Brand Document that gives you not only the parameters of your Brand Identity but also the inspiration to create anything you could possibly need.
£ Get in touch

For established ventures looking for a Brand Identity refresh. We evaluate what works and what doesn't with your existing brand and find a solution that will propel you into a new era.

Brand Patterns. Packaging Design. Business Cards. Loyalty Cards. Menu Design. ​​Social Media Banners. Wrapping Paper. Uniform Design. Stickers. Gifs. Labels. Whatever design your brand needs to get going.

How does it work?

We streamline the process as much as possible by following a series of steps that are clearly signposted at every stage.

1. Consultation
We gather the important information from you regarding your business and its goals, including your specific brand needs and deliverables.

2. Discovery
The most important part of the process. Focused mood boards and references to help define the visual direction, split across different routes and options.

3. Concepting
Developed ideas and options for your brand identity. Brought to life in real world visual examples. This will be based on opinions gained from Step 2.

4. Alterations
Tweaks here and there can mean all the difference.

5. Delivery
All of your new Brand Identity assets delivered in multiple formats and uses, in a simple to understand folder structure stored online with downloadable and shareable links.

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